Oct 17, 2016

Will the jury find Girard Destry guilty of Obstructing/Resisting officer, possession of drug paraphernelia, assault and vandalism?

Girard Destry, had his jury trial start  and conclude last week for his 2015 case; theone from 2016 is trailing.

Charges in the 2015 case are Count 1 Obstructing/Resisting an Executive Officer, a felony. Count 2 Driving Under the Influence, a misdemeanor. Count 3 Possess Controlled Substance Paraphenerlia, a misdemeanor. Count 4 Driving Privilege Suspended/Revoked , a misdemeanor and Count 5 Obstruct a Public Officer.

Charges in the 2016 case are Count 1 Assault with a Deadly Weapon other than a Firearm, a felony. Count 2 Vandalism of $400 or more, a felony.

Deputy District Attorney David Christensen prosecuted the case. Conflict Counsel's Marek Reavis was appointed to represent Destry.

Jury selection started Monday, opening statements, trial and closing arguments concluded Friday morning. The jury deliberated until 2:30 p.m. on October 14.

The 6 men and women are back this morning.

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