Oct 23, 2016

To mobile park owners or those who support Measure V? Here is your chance to help a senior who has no one and is out on the streets living in a parked RV

McKinleyville Community Watch is a great example of a group that makes positive difference in this community.

I am sharing this post by a member so the information gets out.

"Sometimes you just get gut wrenching phone calls out of the blue... that take your breath away....Just got a call from a 78 yr. old Senior lady, named Mary, who lost her apartment.  Has a almost new RV and a 2011 pickup.  She is in a parking lot up by Crescent City.  Having a melt down.  Only income is $789 per month in Social Security.  No family left.  Daughter just died and she used little inheritance to buy this RV...now no vacancies at RV Parks....(ours is full with waiting list)...I know its a Sunday...but Ryan Sundberg you worked a miracle last Easter Sunday with a similar situation.  Connie  Beck, are there any Housing First funds to help this poor lady???  If anybody else has any ideas, I'd appreciate it."

The headline of this post and the statement below are my opinion on this situation and not the feelings of the person who did the MCW post.

Besides the County, this would be a great way for someone including those who support Measure V and mobile park owners to make a real difference.

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