Oct 28, 2016

Eric Matilton arrested for Boozer Lane incident thinks marijuana cultivation has amazing potential for Hoopa tribe

Eric Matilton posted this on the Repeal No Grow Ordinance on 2015


**The following is my personal opinion as a Hoopa Tribal member, it has no association and in no way reflects the beliefs or facts within this group page**

•I believe cultivation of Majijuana has amazing potential to generate massive revenue for our tribe. Financially Marijuana cultivation could  very likely rise our Tribe from the ashes. Humboldt County Marijuana has established international recognition as a reputable product, therefor our Tribe could capitalize due to our prime location. The cannabis industry's profit margin is colossal, particularly for us given our abundance of natural resources and ideal location. If planned, managed and facilitated correctly the Hoopa Tribe could not only succeed, we could achieve unprecedented revenue. However we must realize this is a single opportunity, we have one shot to get this right. I can guarantee if we fuck it up we will never get it another opportunity. To those that oppose marijuana cultivation due to mislead false information in regards to health effects, please consider  re-evaluating how marijuana usage is perceived in today's scientific and medical community. As far as the environmental damage propaganda, farming cannabis is no different than any other type of farming. Damaging environmental impact due to marijuana cultivation was not publicized as a major issue until it became common knowledge marijuana is a harmless drug (I wonder why).Environmental damage occurring presently could likely be eliminated once regulations become developed and enforced. The hippy trimmer situation occurs in other areas as a result of jumping into a serious, important situation without proper planning while also severely underestimating how fast the 215 industry would explode into society. I guess the bottom line is this is an incredible opportunity for our Tribe, it will only succeed with proper professional planning. I Regretfully must admit our Tribe as it stands is completely incapable of building or managing a successful multi million dollar (really the $kys the limit) corporation. Our Tribal government desperately needs to be restructured, we've failed for so long all while having major advantages such as Federal funding as well as sovereign immunity, it's plain sad. Until we fix the core of our Tribe we will continue to fail and live off of what's left behind from the BIA days. I very much want to believe this could be the answer, but the simple fact of the matter is we can barely run a successful gas station and a tiny outdated casino. We need this but change must happen first. I do however believe failing to recognize 215 on native reservations is oppression. If individuals refuse to abide by regulations take their growing rights away. As for a major investment being discussed by the Tribe, hell no. Stick to the gas station, our number one source of revenue.

On Thursday, October 27, 2016 at about 3:30 a.m. Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs were dispatched to Hwy 96 near Boozer Ln. in Hoopa for a report of a subject having some type of mental issue and shooting from his residence.

Upon arrival, deputies attempted to get the subject to exit the residence using a public address (PA) system. Dispatchers were in contact with the suspect via telephone and relayed to deputies the suspect wanted to see a patrol vehicle with overhead lights on before he would come out. Deputies moved a patrol vehicle within sight of the residence and took cover nearby due to shots being fired from the residence. The suspect still refused to exit the residence.
While deputies were on scene, more shots were fired from the residence by the suspect. The suspect then exited the residence with a firearm and walked down the driveway. The suspect fired a bullet in the direction of deputies and retreated back into the residence. The suspect again exited the residence with a firearm and walked toward the staged patrol vehicle pointing the firearm in the direction of where the deputies and bystanders were located. Fearing for the safety of those on scene, a deputy fired shots at the suspect. The suspect was uninjured. Shortly thereafter the suspect was apprehended. No one was injured during this incident.
The suspect was identified as 31 year old Eric Michael Matilton, of Hoopa.
Matilton was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, willful discharge of a firearm in a grossly negligent manner, and violation of probation. He was taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked on the above listed charges. His bail was set at 50,000.

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