Oct 14, 2016

Arlon Lee Strauss sentenced to 13 years for attempted murder, mayhem from 2015 Halloween incident

Arlon Lee Strauss, age 31, previously of Dos Rios and the Napa area, was sentenced this morning to thirteen (13) years in state prison.  Absent changes in the criminal laws come the November election, Strauss currently will be required to serve 85% of that structured sentence. Strauss was convicted of and sentenced today for attempted murder, mayhem, inflicting great bodily injury causing the victim to become comatose, and the use of rock as a weapon, all occurring on Halloween night 2015.

After using methamphetamine, Strauss attacked a woman who even today he still claims was his friend without warning or provocation. Coming at her from behind, Strauss used a rock to batter her head while she was washing dishes at the kitchen sink. The attack badly injured the woman, fracturing her skull and exposing brain matter, but she miraculously escaped death with emergency and extended medical care of the doctors and nurses at Howard Hospital and Stanford, respectively. Strauss originally claimed to investigators that an unknown Indian male had inflicted the harm on the woman and had also previously sexually assaulted Strauss.

The prosecutor handling the case was District Attorney David Eyster.  The investigating law enforcement agency was the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office. The Superior Court judge who presided over the case from the DA's filing of formal charge to today's sentencing was the Honorable David Nelson.


  1. Crazy shit espicilly when itsur cousin

  2. Sad, especially since his father is in San Quentin on drug charges.

  3. So sad, especially since his father is doing time in San Quentin on a drug charge.