Oct 20, 2016

EPD issues vehicle security cards in effort to reduce vehicle related thefts

If you happen to find one of these “Vehicle Security Report Cards” on your
windshield sometime don’t worry, it is not a ticket.

Last week, the Eureka Police Department quietly launched a new crime
prevention program aimed at reducing the number of vehicle-related thefts
occurring in the city. The Old Town and Downtown commercial districts in
particular have been a “hot spot” for vehicle thefts and burglaries over the past
year and EPD’s efforts with “Operation Pass/Fail” began there.

Officers and police volunteers are randomly spot checking parked vehicles and occasionally placing these report cards on them as a courtesy notice. Officers
rate the security of each vehicle by marking PASSED or FAILED on the card
based on the vehicle’s susceptibility to theft. Vehicles “fail” the inspection for
reasons such as unlocked doors, open windows, keys left inside, and valuables
left in plain view.

Last Thursday afternoon, EPD Captain Steve Watson spot checked over 20
parked vehicles in one neighborhood and found that approximately 40% had
valuable property plainly visible inside including smart phones, purses,
backpacks, and electronics.

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