Oct 11, 2016

Starting November 2 Willow Creek will have a new outstation with Sgt. Tony Gomes supervising deputized officers from the tribe

(From left to right, Sgt. Greg Allen, Sheriff Mike Downey and Sgt. Tony Gomes)

Responding to the spate of violence in Hoopa in the last year, Undersheriff William Honsal told me, this morning that there will be a new outstation, located in Willow Creek starting November 2.

The Station will have HCSO Sgt. Tony Gomes assigned to supervise officers that have been deputized by the Sheriff. One officer has already completed the program, said Undersheriff Honsal, "three more are going through the program."

"The whole climate has changed," with this increased law enforcement presence. This is an effort from the Sheriff's Department responding to increased law enforcement in the outlying areas, requested by citizens.

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  1. Very welcome addition to Willow Creek!