Jan 10, 2018

Seng Yang charged with ten felony counts; alleged victim Jane Doe

Seng Yang charged with 10 felony counts. Charges listed in detail below: rape of a child including forcible oral copulation, sexual intercourse, sodomy, distribution of child pornography and knowingly employing or coercing a minor to participate in the production of child porn.

Alleged victim Jane Doe. Bail set at 3.5 million.  That amount is subject to review.

Intervention is on January 17. Preliminary hearing January 23.

Public Defender's office appointed for Yang. He told Judge Leonard LaCasse he is looking to hire a lawyer. Judge LaCasse told Yang he is appointing the public defender for now and that cost of hiring a private attorney for the alleged charges is upward of six figures.

Yang answered questions  politely, quietly and showed no emotion.

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  1. I hope the Prosecutor’s Office REALLY goes after these disgusting monsters. It seems like HC is crawling with these creeps. Unfortunately there are still many more still hiding behind the doors.

  2. Unknown, I did not publish your comment because you identified the alleged victim. I had that information but it has not been testified to in court yet. If you want to edit your comment and take out Jane Doe's identity and resubmit, I will publish it. You can save the rest of the comment for later.