Jan 5, 2018

Prank, Fake or Truth?

California is a sanctuary state. The headlines support, with facts, that felons and MS13 are here and the laws passed by Moonbeam and Democrats do give criminals a slap on the wrist and this has affected the lives of law abiding citizens.

There is a process to enter this country legally. It worked before Democrats screwed it up to pander for votes. If you feel strongly about illegals being oppressed, then travel to those countries, live there and change the conditions. Use your own money to bring about change in other countries before preaching to others here about how they should think. Don't preach to others who expect laws in this country to be followed or respected.

The sign may not be authorized but it isn't a prank. It is the truth. Most California Democrats do demonize anyone with facts that are inconvenient to them and use their majority in this state to financially punish anyone who challenges their limited view.

I live this daily; others in Humboldt and California do as well. Want to prove me wrong? Start with your words and your actions. Stop harassing, maligning and using financial retaliation because you cannot deal with facts or a different opinion. Start respecting that in a democracy, your view is not the only correct one and it should it be forced on others. Tolerance works both ways.





  1. Speaking of truth, Every time you see the anon comment feature temporarily turned off, you can thank the lack of that option to the one or two persistent trolls/cowards and the few other anons who seem to think every online site and media outlet is free mental therapy. They still haven't figured out that connection for two months. For all the complaining, they keep coming back.

    This comment also applies to conservatives, anyone exposed and disgruntled by the truth including local law enforcement, courthouse peeps, businesses. If you dont have the guts to say it to my face or use the various other commenting options, then you can keep your cowardly anon opinion to yourself. If the truth was on your side, you would not need to retaliate in the petty, abuse of power, Humboldt style. The more you try these dirty tactics, the more I want all my readers, especially statewide and national, to know the financial, emotional, mental and physical price of true, independent reporting in this podunk town. To some of you who think you have money and power and abuse it, you are nothing outside Humboldt without your podunk enablers. Those with true vision succeed and respect and value others.

    And I say this, not just for me but many other hardworking reporters/media in this town who deserve respect instead of the low life comments by people with too much time on their hands.

  2. Truth. Thank you Chiv.

  3. Just don't take the negative comments personally. Likely people who don't know you.

    1. Thanks Anon. I don't. I just like to call the BS out as I see it.