Jan 1, 2018

Michelle Charmaine Lawson featured speaker at local Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr event

The community is invited to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, January 15, 2018 at the Adorni Center (1011 Waterfront Dr, Eureka, CA 95501) at noon.

 The event, sponsored by the Eureka Branch of The NAACP (pronounced N-Double A-C-P), will feature musical performances, Master Storyteller Baba Jamal Koram (Kor-ahm), and featured speaker Michelle Charmaine Lawson, mother of HSU student David Josiah Lawson. This year’s theme is, “Together We Rise Up”.

Additionally, local area students are invited to submit entries for the 2018 Unity Essay Contest.

 Students may enter by writing a one-page essay based on the theme 'Together We Rise Up'. The Eureka Branch of the NAACP’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration commemorates the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his ideals of peace and unity for all. 

Essays will be judged in two age groups: 8 - 13 and 14 - 18. Winners from each age group will win $100 and be invited to read their essay during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration on Monday, January 15, 2018 at the Adorni Center in Eureka, CA. 

The essay must be the student’s own work. The essay must be no longer than one page, double-spaced, in 12-point Arial font. Each essay must include the student’s name, age, grade, school and contact information (phone number). E-mail essays by Friday, January 12, 2018 to: Eureka Branch NAACP at contact@EurekaNAACP.org. For complete contest rules, go to EurekaNAACP.org.


  1. Wishing everyone a joyous new year. May this year bring resolution to the Lawson family. It still leaves me with a horrible feeling knowing that a killer is on the loose and someone knows exactly who the killer is.

  2. Presumably Ms. Lawson has been chosen as the featured speaker because her deceased son was a noted voice for interracial harmony and justice, and was killed during a civil rights demonstration while he was righteously speaking out just as MLK did.

  3. John, why would you post this vile comment? For what purpose?

    1. As I explained to another commenter (Just Me) a while back, I do moderate comments. The above comment is mild in comparison to the comments I have moderated. While, it may offend you and I agree it is in poor taste, I occasionally print these comments because it exposes how some people feel. Not printing it does not change the person who wrote it. It exposes the true colors of the person who wrote it.

      Also, this person's comment has fact whether you like it or not. The way this case has been handled by many has fueled racial tensions in this community.

      You think this is vile? Have you read the disgusting racial comments on a regular basis on Toiletdome? I am not saying that because LOCO prints vile stuff, it is okay. I just think if you are going to call out why something is published, you need to be consistent.

      I will post two comments from Toiletdome as examples below. Now they are vile.

    2. This is one comment on Toiletdome from 11/16
      jeff — Re: SoHum Man Gets 21 Years for Attempted Hammer Homicide

      Die Die Die Die, when I hit that blackie knock him to the floor, kick him around sticking the mop in his ass and breaking it off. I HATE OFF-COLOR …

    3. This was not moderated or removed. I came across it hours later. It was on the Trinidad Lighthouse protest post.

      I won't print anymore. These are vile and hateful with no relevancy to the post.

      Yet people, including two major casinos and a whole bunch of white businesses proudly advertise on LOCO. I turned off anonymous comments but turned them back on, again, for now. You comment anonymously. Why should you suffer for the sophomoric morons who are not only gutless but racist, sexist, homophobic and nth generation fools who think they can spew whatever they like.

      LOCO comment:

      2 hours ago
      Indians = Crime
      Indians = Meth
      Indians = Child Molesters

      Indians = Murders
      Indians = Scumwads


  4. I don't read loco comments,basically don't think loco does much to further our community well being. Yes, I see your point , but still.....