Jan 8, 2018

Chad Smith's request for a second Marsden hearing is scheduled this morning

Ruling on Chad Smith's Marsden motion is set for 3:30 p.m. today.  Smith is charged with allegedly sexually abusing his own stepdaughter and her friend.


As already reported last week, Chad Smith had a hearing scheduled to hear his second Marsden motion scheduled this morning, two days before trial confirmation for his jury trial scheduled later this month.
These hearings are closed to the public. The transcript of the hearing will be sealed.

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  1. Perhaps he is feeling he has ineffective counsel because all of his attorneys have said he’s going to lose and he should just give up and plead guilty. (Just speculating here). Sounds reasonable. Perhaps he would just rather stay local as long as possible because the Pen is a lot worse than here??? He is certainly playing the system. First he wanted a speedy trial and now he’d rather put it off. He’s probably been talking to the other prisoners who have taken up residence at the local jail for a couple of years. Super Slime just needs to get it done. If he was innocent he would want to go home. Of course he doesn’t have a home, family, job, Corvette, Harley, friends or anything else anymore, so he might as well stay with his new friends who I’m sure all have “ineffective counsel” as well.