Jun 1, 2017

PGE gives HCSO $141,951.24 to get a new radio software system

In early April Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Supervisor Morgan Schlesiger began communications with PG&E staff to seek funding to acquire a new radio software application to enhance communication between the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center and PG&E Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) staff who work directly with one another on a daily basis. The current system has been in place since 2001, and has become antiquated and obsolete.

To stay in compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center maintains radio and phone communication with PG&E ISFSI staff throughout the day. Reliable communications are vital to public safety and the safe operations of PG&E staff and facility.
On Wednesday May 31st, 2017 PG&E ISFSI staff presented Sheriff Honsal with a check in the amount of $141,951.24 to cover funding necessary to acquire the new Radio software system. The supporting system and equipment will provide reliable, vital communication between PG&E and other local agencies. This essential upgrade would not have been possible without the generous contribution from PG&E.


  1. PG&E has been screwing customers since the end of last year. my bill has been 2x to 4x higher than it should be. I called & had them do a investigation into it (my energy usage is the same as always, which is noted on the bill & there supposedly hasn't been any price hikes) the investigation was never finished & I never got a response about the results. I live in a 2 bedroom apt by myself, I never run the heater & I'm never home. there is no reason why my bill should be 150$ to 200$ a months, especially when it says on the bill that I am using the same amount of energy & gas that I always have. in the past 3 years I have lived in the apt, my bill has never been over 50$ till last November when my bill started getting jacked up. I have also heard other people say they have had the same issue recently, & not just locally.

  2. PGE reads my meters every other month. They overbill me on the months they don't read the meter, and then hit me with a low bill on the months they actually read the meter (to catch up with their over-billing). One month I get a bill for $400. The next month, I get a bill for $58. They send me notices scolding me for my "over-consumption" ($400) and they charge me an extra fee for it. The exact same day, I will receive an energy usage report congratulating me on my low consumption ($58). What a fiasco.

  3. http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/complaints/ Document your contacts with PG&E if you haven't already
    Let PG&E know you're going to do everything necessary and let your legislator know...if you know people with the same problem, send letters with everyone signing it...

  4. pishaaa, this 'gift' from pg&e is a tax write off, insurance premium benefit, stroking the paying public pretending they care, something to show the employee union reps & employees @ negotiation time...

    hmmmmm i wonder who called the media about this generous gift?
    it wasn't hcso.

    maybe pg&e could hold a telethon to gather more $ to help solve the problem of crappy signals between dispatch and law enforcement/emt's.

    i listen to my police scanner most waking hours. the amount of static and other noise interferes with not only my ability to understand what i'm hearing between dispatchers and police/emergency workers but with those parties also.

    so many times dispatchers will ask the officer to repeat what was said, sometimes over and over and over.
    i think this is a serious safety concern for police/emergency workers, for any number of reasons.

    in this day & age there must be a better/newer/stronger system to improve their communications.

    how they deal with the frustration i don't understand.