Jun 1, 2017

New signal lights installed on Fern and Walnut a go on June 19

An update from First District Supervisor Rex Bohn "on the new Signal lights that are installed on Fern and Walnut in Cutten. All the pressure loops are in and everything looks to be a go. There will be a testing of the system Monday and then they are scheduled to be lit and running on the 19th of June. We have decided to wait till school is out and all the end of the year distractions for parents and students are over. The County appreciates your patience on this long overdue safety project for the Cutten area. Nice work by Wahlund Construction and Spencer Electric."


  1. That's awesome...

  2. You know a town is growing up when they get their first stop light. I'm glad this is in. It's been needed as there's a lot of traffic that needs to have some control for vehicles coming and going from the two schools up the street, Murphy's and the baseball fields. ~TMOB