Jun 1, 2017

Neighborhood citizens vs Floyd Squires in court; victory for neighbors

(Photo : courtesy KAEF)

No response from Mr. Floyd Squires, yet. He did respond to me Friday morning.

From Councilmember Kim Bergel via Facebook (around 3:50):

"This just in-
In the case of the neighbors suing Floyd Squires-- the neighbors prevail!!"

"Feeling so proud and in awe of these neighbors who stood together to make positive impacts in their neighborhood.

These folks have endured so much. So grateful to see them stand together advocating for themselves and win!

What a great example!! Thank you neighbors for being vigilant even when it was hard.

Pure awesomeness!!!"

From Councilmember Bergel (4:30): "These neighbors prove that if we stand together we can make positive impacts on our neighborhoods and in our city. What a great example of community. I feel so proud of their efforts! It wasn't at all easy but they prevailed!!"

The properties involved in the lawsuit are owned by the Squires and are located on the 1600 block of G Street.

Each plaintiff asked for $10,000 in claims.

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