Jun 7, 2017

If Chief Andy Mills leaves EPD, will his replacement be Captain Brian Stephens?

Eureka Chief Andy Mills has not officially resigned from EPD.  He has been offered a job with the Santa Cruz police department.
The offer is tentative, pending background check.

Sometimes, the grapevine isn't hearsay. Chief Mills' house has been up for sale. Even before that, there has been talk of Chief Mills leaving. At the same time, there has was talk of who his replacement would be.

It has been "hinted at"/" rumored'" that the recommendation for his replacement will be Captain Brian Stephens. I have reached out to inquire about this possibility.


  1. Oh no how do you know he is leaving?

    1. He has a tentative job offer pending background check.

    2. he told you that?

    3. Did I say he told me that, no. I said I have inquired about that possibility.

  2. I can see where Santa Cruz would value his experience since the two areas have much in common and demand similar experience and understanding. Also a Uni town: UCSC...beautiful campus.

  3. I wouldn't call Santa Cruz a town but any means...

  4. No Justice, No Protection just a Transfer

    Andy Mills has commented that the police can not arrest them selfs out of the problem but I say, something has to be done if the cause of the problem are the officers themselves.
    On September 17 2014 in Eureka Ca. Tommy McClain was shot and killed as he stood in his front yard and just after getting home from celebrating his cousins birthday. Any Mills was the chief of police at that time, he is soon to be transferring to Santa Cruz . Instead of calling in impartial and unbiased investigators he made himself the coordinator of the investigation. I'm sure, the men and women of the Eureka's police department are fine people and they have a difficult job protecting the community but when it come to making mistakes like the killing of Tommy McClain and the death of angel Lopez in San Diego. Mills has not been forth coming with the truth. He has shown a lack of integrity by condoning his officers actions and not holing them accountable for their wrongdoings. Mills had made statements to the public, he has reported inaccurate and misleading information. I have always admired and respected law enforcement. The death of Tommy has not changed that. Unfortunately, I assumed that all officers are honest so the ones that are not don't take their position very seriously, law-enforcement are here to protect us not jeopardize our lives.
    Mr. Mills concluded that the utilization of force was justified and dismissed all inopportune police conduct. But the investigation was predicated on fallacious information that was propitious to his officers and the department. The outcome of the investigation was reached from a plenarily partialness conclusion by consummately ignoring the facts that the officer's own temerarious or deliberate conduct during the initial contact with Tommy, unreasonably created a situation, that evidently ended the life of Mr McClain. I can provide you with enough information that would convince you that the killing of Tommy McClain was completely unjustified. So don't be fooled by him, Mills will prove himself to be more of a liability than an asset.
    Have a nice day