Jun 7, 2017

APD sends supplemental police report to DA who will decide if charges will be filed against Castillo brothers and Paris Wright

According to Kyle Zoellner's uncle Jay Zoellner, APD Sgt. Detective Todd Dockweiler  met with Kyle Zoellner's father today. Detective Dokweiler made the decision to send a supplemental police report to the District Attorney.  The DA's office will decide whether to file charges against the Castillo brothers and Paris Wright for assault and battery on Kyle Zoellner.


  1. if the DA doesn't file charges this should be brought to the higher courts. The savages who beat him deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The criminals not only beat him, but were proud to brag about it to anyone who would listen. The cops failed Kyle, by not pressing forward with this sooner. Arcata is not a safe place if the police won't protect people that are getting beat to a pulp by brutal savages. And Humboldt county is no better if our DA won't prosecute the savages who beat Kyle. Soon people won't be able to walk down the street with their kids, for fear of getting beaten, and the DA doing nothing.

  2. Time to think about a civil suit against the three. Losing a civil suit like that (even if they can't pay) will follow them forever.

  3. I see absolutely no reason there should NOT be charges brought to the people responsible for the beating of this young man. Why it has taken so long to even consider this is a good question at this point. Is it because people were upset that this has not done and now the authorities think they need to due to this. Charge them and let the legal system begin ASAP!!