Jun 7, 2017

Arcata City Council, HSU, is this what you condone while you do nothing?

They harassed APD on the night Josiah was fighting for his life and APD was trying to administer life saving efforts. They harassed the Zoellner family and friends at the courthouse.

They harassed me and post hateful, abusive, deragatory comments since I covered this preliminary hearing and reported facts. Anonymous cowards, for the most part.

Posters and rallies claiming a man who was cleared in court as a murderer. Hang ups, anonymous threats. Frivolous lawsuit. Calling an entire community racist.

I dont need to document it all; I have in the last couple of months.

Now, a woman, who does not even live here (according to her Facebook profile) incorrectly maligns Kyle Zoellner, again. And goes after his employer and job.

Arcata City Council, especially Sofia Pereira, HSU are silent about this harassment and threats.

And who is supporting these "outsiders" creating havoc? Is this what the local NAACP and those local lefties who have been venting hate and smearing me, the Zoellners and the police condone? It's okay for us to be harassed and threatened?

Now, they go after a local business, who has done nothing wrong.

Shame on the local "leaders" and politicians on the left, who have done nothing, stayed quiet and allowed this "circus" to continue.


  1. oh btw, you are 100% correct. where are they?

  2. Even if Kyle was released from jail on bail and pending trial, would it be fair to fire him? Is he not innocent until proven guilty?

    I applaud this company for standing behind one of the things that makes this county great. "Innocent until proven guilty."

  3. Good for you sir for speaking up, and thank you. Those you named above will not address their vitriol and hysteria, because they are terrified that they too will be subject to the hatred of those they now claim to support.

    1. Thanks Shunka. Those stirring and inflaming sensitive issues in this community, be it certain individuals or organizations need to be held accountable. If they really cared about solving the David Lawson case or people of color, they would address this issue in a constructive manner and include more than just a select few people and causes to protest about. This community is facing accusations that are unfair and the rest of the media, the politicians, the businesses are sitting silent like cowards out of political correctness.

  4. My thoughts have always been that HSU is condoning this behavior by allowing such a ridiculous club to be affiliated with them. WAKE up HSU and think about your part in the death of this student.

  5. What business are they going after so I can support it?