May 10, 2017

Marci throws her son under the bus in court; right after he says: "I believe a little bit of me was still trying to protect my mom. Don't want her to leave. What is done is done. What is right needs to be done. This is right."

Day 3 of the preliminary hearing for Marci Kitchen started with Jevin Kitchen back on the stand being cross examined by her attorney, Mr. Benjamin Okin.

Jevin Kitchen was on the stand from 9:22 a.m to 11:24 a.m. Out of this time, Deputy District Attorney Stacey Eads only did about 10 to 15 minutes of redirect.

The redirect, just as Jevin's direct testimony yesterday, was very credible and effective. In fact, at one point, Marci Kitchen whispered "Jevin" at the counsel table.

During redirect, Jevin Kitchen said, "I was nervous. I was told not to say anything. I was still trying to figure out what to do. Still trying to deal with the loss of my sister. When I gave the statement (July 17) I tried to be as truthful" telling as much he could recall.

"I believe a little bit of me was still trying to protect my mom. Don't want her to leave. What is done is done. What is right needs to be done. This is right.

Jevin Kitchen was also very complimentary to both, his mom and Josh Pearlston, referring to the time he spent at Josh Pearlston's house in Trinidad, after his sister's death. Jevin Kitchen said he was treated well and with kindness.

In response to a question by Mr. Okin, Jevin Kitchen said he did not review any transcripts or reports before testifying because he wanted to testify truthfully and from his own recollection.

Mr. Okin's cross examination and recross was unsuccessful in impeaching Jevin Kitchen. It did not reveal new information and it did nothing to prove Marci Kitchen's innocence.

Mr. Okin tried his best to quote selectively from transcripts and chose quotes to spin towards making Marci Kitchen look sympathetic and take advantage of Jevin's youth and first time testifying and failed. Marci Kitchen threw her own son, Jevin under the bus and whispering away to Mr. Okin about a Ford Expedition incident during recross.

Not only did it end up being completely irrelevant; it was a cheap, desperate psychological ploy; her information proved to have inaccuracies when Jevin responded. The irony she did this to her son to try and discredit his statement that the side yard was never used to park vehicles, she failed.

Mr. Okin was quite rude, at times cutting off Jevin Kitchen when he tried to answer


  1. Thank you so much for your in-depth coverage.

  2. Jevin is a very brave and courageous young man. You are doing the right thing Jevin. We love you!

  3. I have been watching this very closely and really appreciate how often you post and your thoughts as well.

  4. Still a vile hag, I see.

  5. Thank you so much for your hard work covering this case and keeping us informed. What a strong young man Jevin is. I am so heart broken for him and the families involved. May they find peace soon. It must be so difficult to witness. I am physically ill just reading about it, can't imagine being there. So thank you very much John.

  6. God Bless this found boy, who had no choice but to stand up for his Dead Sister!!! No matter WHO DID IT!!! GOD BLESS YOU SWEETHEART!