May 2, 2017

Man who jumped into the bay after fleeing from EPD booked on outstanding burglary warrant, formerly arrested at Palco Marsh sting operation

According to EPD Crime Analyst Brittany Powell, "It appears an officer attempted to conduct a stop on a male on a bicycle near the 3500 block of Broadway.  The male on the bike fled and at one point got into the bay near the foot of Truesdale.  It seems the officer was referring to the trail parking lot when he said County parking lot. 
The male, Larry Gibson, was ultimately taken into custody and booked on an outstanding burglary warrant."

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Apr 30, 2017

Man in the water, into the bay, following pursuit by law enforcement

Male going into the water, into the bay, Code 33,  several units responding
just cancelled code 33.

Palco Marsh arrest:

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