May 2, 2017

If the fingerprint and fibers do not match, you must acquit; Kyle Zoellner not a match

Only one finger print was found on knife;  it did not match Kyle Zoellner. Fibers on knife do not match the clothing Kyle Zoellner was wearing at the time of the arrest.

Both, the prosecution and defense agreed to two stipulations stating the above.


  1. Are you saying prints have already come back and he's not a match?

  2. Not a good sign,unless there's direct evidence (I.e. confession or eye witness) that makes this tough for the DA.

  3. Have they tested the cloth case chef's knives are kept in?

  4. They have not presented any physical evidence they have yet, these were just two stipulations moved into evidence yesterday.

  5. The prosecution needs to tie the knife to the defendant; I presume that's why there was testimony about the knife case with three knives by one of the females (which was actually hearsay from another of the females). I expect that testimony will come today, also evidence linking the knife to the fatal wound. If it's defendant's knife from his knife case, that's probably good enough for a holding order (standard at prelim is probable cause). But it's still a lousy case for trial, because no one (so far, not over yet) saw him with the knife and no one saw the stabbing. And remember, prosecution has to prove that it was not self-defense, which is tough when no one apparently saw what happened (although again, nor over yet.)

  6. Considering Lawson's girlfriend was also stabbed I sure hope they are looking at Zoenellers girlfriend as a suspect!

    1. There has been no such testimony in court about Lawson's girlfriend being stabbed and she testified herself today.