May 2, 2017

A hostile crowd yells "Fuck the Police" while APD is trying to adminster life saving efforts on Josiah

Arcata Police Department officer Krystale Arminio, who has previously worked for HCSO and the U.S. Army testified about the stress and insults hurled at her and APD officer McKenzie while they were trying to give life saving efforts to David Josiah Lawson on April 15. This

She said Josiah's body was wedged between two spaces, one being a tree and she needed room to give him chest compressions.

They also yelled at University police, firefighters and EMTs, during life saving efforts and towards the end when the ambulance was trying to leave and could not shut the door. EMTs gave the address to people to meet them at the hospital but not even law enforcement was allowed to be in the ambulance, no one except EMT personnel.

A hostile crowd of people gathered around Officer Arminio yelling "Fuck the Police"; "You stupid bitch" "You don't know what you are doing" and "Get an ambulance".

They blocked her path as she was checking on the status of the ambulance to see where it was; they gathered so close to her while she was trying to give chest compressions to "Josiah" and she had to beg and plead to them to step back to give her room. At least, twice she had to stop chest compressions to deal with the crowd.

There were a couple of people who did cooperate. One was a friend who held Josiah's hand and a flashlight for her because it was dark where Josiah's body was. Another guy tried to get the crowd to leave the police and medical personnel alone to do their job.

The ambulance transport was delayed because it was unsafe. She described the crowd as hostile, yelling, running around, "no one would calm down and speak to us."

After the ambulance left with Josiah to go to the hospital, she tried to get witness statements from people. "They said Fuck the police and all walked off.

Zoellner's friends provided contact information and gave witness statements.

Under direct questioning by Deputy DA Jessica Watson, Arminio said a knife was recovered from under a Red Ford Mustang, near a pool of blood, where police were told by people a fight occurred. It was sent for fingerprints. She did not know the results.

DDA Watson showed photographs of injuries to the woman identified as Josiah's girlfriend who allegedly fought with Lila Ortega and Naiya Wilkins. Her injuries included bite marks to both breasts and she identified Ortega, the girl with the blue hair as the one who bit her.

No evidence was collected until Josiah was in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital. Several people had been told to leave by the police officers, who arrived before Arminio. She said it was about 20-30 minutes before evidence was collected and a crime tape was put up. During this time several people were about the crime scene.


  1. They should be ashamed...Every second counts..

  2. Wow. What a mess. I don't envy the officers or the DA.

  3. I suppose that the DA is putting on all the problematic evidence first, hopefully they can tie it together at the end. Even so, huge self defense issue, as it stands.

  4. thanks for the reporting. there are people trying to make this in to something it is not.

  5. Just great-these pucks of society are our HORRIBLE FUTURE to come. Anarchy lives like a monster in Arcata!!!


      Anarchy: Not needing a government to FORCE one to behave as a decent and RESPONSIBLE human being!

      The entirety of the soul-less ugliness of these Elitist Libertine Fascists is so freaking disconnected from reality that I am surprised the beating of their Blood Pump (they have no heart!) is still involuntary.

  6. take a look at the dead black's facebook page. the guy was a total racist.