May 9, 2017

"Do you recall arriving at the Kitchen residence and telling Jevin Kitchen that we hit 2 hoochies in bikini's?

William Trent Stewart was on the stand for an hour and half in the afternoon. He denied making the above statement as well as saying no, when Deputy District Attorney asked him, if he corrected Marci Kitchen when she said she hit a deer.

Stewart said on the stand the word hoochies is not in his vocabulary.

Stewart also denied saying the statement. "It's like two vehicular manslaughters. Like this is not good."

During Jevin Kitchen's testimony, which began at 3 p.m. today, Stewart's testimony was refuted, including the statement which is the title of this post.

 Stewart's testimony was inconsistent with prior testimony by CHP Officer William Chase Adams and his memory selective, enough to place Marci Kitchen in the Jeep as the driver but vague enough not to incriminate her or himself.

The do not recall theme continued. Stewart could not recall anything specific about the bar except it was a "dive bar.

According to Stewart, he could not recall leaving the bar until the moment of the collision. He said Marci Kitchen was driving. After the collision, they drove " 25-50 yards" and she called Josh Pearlston. Stewart and Marci Kitchen drove to her home. Josh Pearlston showed up shortly. He said that he could not recall anything after Josh and Marci left the house to go to the scene and woke up next morning when a woman came into the house (Rhonda Rex).

Syewart said he had one beer at "Josh's house" and then "three or four beers" at the bar and then he could not recall what happened.

He insisted that Marci Kitchen did not drink any alcohol the entire time he was with her from when she picked him up at the airport to the collision. The last he saw her was when he said that she and Josh Pearlston left to go to the scene in Josh Pearlstob's truck.

According to a comment on this post on my Facebook page, a Fortuna resident thinks it was the play room in Fortuna.

Jevin Kitchen also refuted quite a bit of Stewart's testimony. Between him and Officer Adams, Stewart's testimony about the incident was completely impeached, except for the reason he came up to visit Marci Kitchen and how he knew her.

Court resumes at 9 a.m. tomorrow.


  1. Poor,poor Jevin

    1. Such a good kid.
      All of them. So sad

  2. Clearly this dude is a total liar. He only had a few beers but he can't remember anything?? He's clearly a piece of garbage if he's trying to cover for her. And poor Jevin has no reason to lie. That must be so Trumatic for that kid to have to get up on the stand after all he's been through already. That's just horrible. And this POS Stewart doesn't remember anything denies everything he said before and to make it worse he's just a dirtbag on top of everything. Said she didn't drink any alcohol well how is it that she was completely drunk at the hospital? I just hope they throw out all his BS lies right quick