Oct 5, 2016

Love him or hate him, it is kinda hard to be mad at Dan Dobbs for too long

This post most likely won't be of interest to most people, except in Sohum or those who know Dobbs.

Love him or hate him, it is kinda hard to be mad at Dobbs for too long. He is a very likeable guy and a perfect example of how choices made by generations affect their children and grandchildren.

In court, he is probably the most relaxed, defendant who lets nothing faze him. It isn't arrogance but confidence. Whether the jury will be charmed remains to be seen.

After successfully avoiding bring in custody time after time, Dan Dobbs finally stayed in custody and presently is in jury trial for four misdemeanor cases; once that trial concludes, he will have jury selection for a felony case with a different jury.

Dobbs is being represented by Mr. Neal Sanders.

The alleged misdemeanor charges range from driving recklessly to driving with a suspended/revoked license, defacing/damaging/destroying Garberville Sanitation's lock totalling less than $400. The felony case has alleged charges of transportation, cultivation and sale of marijuana.

I will not be following these court proceedings daily but I will be updating and reporting on  the outcome.

Sep 5, 2016

Dan Dobbs picked up on bench warrant for alleged petty theft, DUI, posession of marijuana with intent to transport/sell

Dan Dobbs arrested by HCSO on a bench warrant September 2 for alleged petty theft, DUI and posession of marijuana with intent to transport or sell.

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  1. Sounds like you two are pretty close , hmmmmm.

    1. Actually, sounds like you are a desperate troll with no life, so far you created two anonymous blogger comments to leave the same lame comment.

    2. According to Facebook this anonymous desperate troll is apparently none other than Penny Pick, ie: https://www.facebook.com/penniepicks?fref=hovercard

      As she said the same damn thing on Kym Kemp's repost of your story. She says "Sounds like Dan and Mr Chiv are pretty close, hmmmmm. Dobbs has the charm of a piece of wet toilet paper."

  2. How can you not stay mad at him? You really want a guy like him running around in your community? It's apart of getting people like this out of our county. Coming from a personal relationship with dan dobbs I can't wait to see what karma gives him. He deserves every last bit of it.

    1. I don't personally interact with Dobbs unless I see him at the courthouse. My experience with him is that he is civil to me, and unlike certain others in Humboldt Dobbs does not pretend to be someone he is not. That is not a character reference or saying he should not be held accountable if found guilty, and he has not ever been unkind to me despite what I write about him, which has not always been positive but factual.

  3. Likeable? Physcopath I must say.

  4. This drunk asshole almost killed my wife, daughter and myself while DUI back in '99.
    Lock this fucking scumbag up.

  5. Trial he will make it I just went through it as well. If all the elements don't add up they cant find you guilty