Oct 5, 2016

Josh Pearlston shows up for his family court hearing, looks nothing like facebook photo

Visiting Judge Leonard LaCasse was in Courtroom 6 today.

Josh Pearlston was there with his father Mel Pearlston and attorney Rory Hanson. With a long beard, dressed in slacks and a windjacket, thinner than he was in the facebook photo, he looked relaxed and carefree as he chatted with his father and attorney in the hallway.

Stephanie Pearlston with her attorney, Mr. Michael Robinson.

At 9 a.m. when the case was called, Mr. Hanson said, "I believe we have a resolution."

It is 9:30 and still waiting to see if the deal is sealed today. No other media is present.

9:32: Stephanie Pearlston just came out of a conference room, the attorneys are talking. Josh Pearlston and Stephanie Pearlston did not talk or look at each other directly.

At one point outside the courtroom, I was standing with all parties and the attorneys.

A resolution on all issues was reached and the Judge signed a stipulation order and dissolution of marriage order this morning.

Stephanie Pearlston also got a court order to reinstate her maiden name.

This was continued from September 20 when the parties had a tentative solution but did not resolve last minute in court. Josh Pearlston was not at that hearing.

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