Oct 10, 2016

I hope certain local "media" gets exposed just like the national media last night

Despite most mainstream media, trying to do what they have done for years, muzzle their employees, the truth is coming out.

Republican leaders not backing Trump are corrupt, established and selfish. The Presidential Commission on Debates, biased, just like most of the media.

As one member of the media, not a supporter of Trump said the political reality is that Donald Trump last night delivered for the Republican base and the middle class against the Clinton machine what they have been waiting for years.

I will link the tweet video if blogger format supports it.

And this was not Fox News, although Bill O Reilly's claims that certain media execs have warned their employees about careers being over unless they follow the destroy Trump strategy. Anyone remember the AP article where leading liberal media executive quoted freedom of the press has been the worst under Obama?

The Democrat machine chose a lying, unrepetant woman who aided her philandering husband, made tons of $ off the backs of American people, endangered the lives of our troops and supports regimes that are hateful and persecute women and LGBT folks on a daily basis. Nothing Trump has said or done compares to what the Clintons and Democrat leaders have done. Even after what they did to Bernie Sanders, if any Democrat is voting for Hillary Clinton, they should be ashamed.

The same media that vilified Hillary Clinton when she ran against Obama is now doing the same dirty tricks, worse towards Trump.

Time to get those national media outlets that think they can control the will of the people out of business.

Don't read them, don't watch them, don't advertise with them, don't support their advertisers.


  1. Are you really "lecturing" to us...the public.... about our own choice for President of the USA? Shut it already....you do an honorable job reporting to us the "going on's" in the Courthouse...but PLEASE...don't preach to us about our political conscience. It does not become you.

  2. I am not lecturing to you and judging by your emotional response, I struck a nerve of truth. I am expressing my opinion and observation and exposing the hypocrisy of Democrats and the media. You don't get to order me what I write about. Read what you chose but don't lecture, condescend or try and intimidate me about my opinion, just because you cannot handle the truth. Trying to tell people who to vote for is fine as long as it suits your choice? I do a fine job of Court and other news because I actually have a journalism background. I don't get handed a camera or a note pad to be a tool for certain bs media who are nothing but but mouthpieces for growers or the local nasty left. Anyone one goff off all day long.

  3. Well, certainly he is delivering what the Republican base wants to hear; I'm not so sure it's what the larger middle-class base wants.

    The other thing I find interesting is that it's Republicans currently in office who support Trump, while those who are out of office are either non-committal or opposed to his campaign.

  4. To two decades anonymous, my name for you, I know I have won the argument when all you have is the same tired insult, anonymously. Tell us your name, if you have the guts. You don't. Your opinion, like your comment is irrelevant unless you have a factual opinion and use your name, you are on moderation. A handful of you go around pontificating online because you are not getting to bully people and you don't get to run the show anymore.