Oct 7, 2016

HCSO's Sgt. Greg Allen was a panelist on HSU's Black and Blue Dialogue

From Humboldt County Sheriff's office:

"Sergeant Greg Allen was on the panel last night at Humboldt State University's Black and Blue Dialogue.  It was a great informative discussion regarding race and law enforcement in Humboldt County."


  1. Yes, it was very informative. It reinforced the information that the same people that are lecturing law enforcement about "implicit bias" and "racism" are more prejudiced that anyone else. Against cops. Lumping a whole group of persons together based on the actions of a few. The african americans on the panel have a tremendously greater chance of being killed by another black than being killed by a cop. Of any race. Do their actions deserve scrutiny? Oh no, can't do that. Racist!

  2. This was a two-hour panel discussion made up of HSU staff and students and members of various law enforcement agencies from throughout the county. It was very candid and informative yet your takeaway was reduced to two sentences (in quotes for some reason) mentioning the name of the only African American law enforcement officer on the panel. Was that your takeaway from this event?

    - Lorna Bryant
    (my true identity - for some reason I can only comment using this Google account)

    1. Lorna, do you know me? Or do you read my blog at all? You jumped to an awful lot of conclusions. I report a lot of news, on my own time, by myself, these days I can barely fit all in. There was not much coverage of this at all but I don't see you ranting on anyone else. Unlike you, I don't define myself by race, or any other characterestic, I am more than that. I knew others in law enforcement on the panel but I mentioned Sgt. Allen, who I know well enough to call Greg. I have seen him on a daily basis ay the Courthouse for two years. The difference between you and Greg and me is that when you see Greg, all you see is an African American. When I see him, I see a strong, respectful man, who like me, has not allowed the color of his skin to limit him or make him bitter. I thought it was great that he could provide a balanced perspective from both sides and was happy to see someone, who us a friend. The only racist and prejudiced person is you attacking me because of your own ignorance and bias.