Oct 7, 2016

Damage caused today at Redwood Fields will cost a couple thousand; Mad River Lumber donates materials

Supervisor Rex Bohn was at the Fortuna, participating in homecoming parade today, when he got the call about a vehicle crashing into a fence and trailer at Redwood Fields.

Since he was driving a parade participant, he headed over to Cutten after the parade. Supervisor Ryan Sundberg was already there since he was out on a ride along with CHP today.

I just spoke with Supervisor Bohn. "It is very frustrating," he said. "We get vandalism all the time. These are two young kids. Fixing the damage is going to come out of our pocket." Supervisor Bohn runs Redwood Field but it is a non-profit.

"There is not enough damage to call insurance," said Supervisor Bohn.

Supervisor Bohn is on his way to Mad River Lumber who called him to donate materials.

"So, it will only cost labor," saud Supervisor Bohn. "Probably over the weekend, I will get call from contractors. That's the way Humboldt is," referring to the generosity of local businesses and community members.

"We have 30 soccer games and 40 football games this weekend."

Supervisor Bohn said he feels sorry for the lady whose car was stolen and damaged.

"Fortunately, no one got hurt. I appreciate the swift response and work of Matt Harvey and CHP, said Supervisor Bohn."

Officer Cy May responded via email:
"Unknown injuries due to the fact that the parties involved fled the scene."

According to Supervisor Bohn, in an update, about 45 minutes ago, "one of my favorite attorneys, just called me and donated all the money for the labor Thanks Allison Jackson."

He also got a call from Supervisor Sundberg "that they caught the young lady they feel was driving the vehicle, a very mixed up juvenile who has not had the easiest of lives or lots of opportunities to succeed he is making some calls on her benefit to get her some help. The fence can be fixed but more important maybe this young gal can to. I hope so."

Supervisor Sundberg did confirm that a 13 year old female juvenile was arrested in connection with this incident.

I am still waiting confirmation from CHP about any other arrests or more information on this incident.

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  1. Hang the little juvies asses to juve hall and community service WITH the parents present as well. Zero tolerance for these little garbage heaps!