Oct 6, 2016

$6,652 total monetary contribution for Measure P and Bill Pierson is ssociated with $5,000 of that amount

So Linda Atkins and others who support Measure P claim it take big money out of local politics?

Maybe their argument would seem sincere or have merit, if the 460 for Measure P would not have 9 donations totaling $6,652.

And the biggest donation was $5,000 from Sedgefield Properties (registered agent Bill Pierson); second biggest donation $500 from the Central Labor Council of Humboldt Del Norte and the remaining donations including $200 Peter LaValle and $100 from Paul Gallegos, Peter Martin, Ken Miller, among others.

Linda Atkins should say she does not mind big money, as long as it comes from Bill Pierson and those who support candidates she recruits and supports.

Research the local races, just in the past 6 years and see how many people Bill Pierson is funding nd how many candidates that Linda Atkins and others claim are for "the people" while they paint the other candidate as  being supported by "big money."

I must have missed this 460 coverage of Measure P in certain usual, left leaning media. I covered big money behind Measure V before anyone else locally because in that case, huge money is being poured into defeating that Measure.


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