Aug 1, 2016

Will criminal charges be filed in death due to drug overdose at KutThroat Barber Lounge which remains closed

No one has reported has on this; I have been doing follow up on a regular basis. I spoke with HCSO Coroner Mr. Ernie Stewart,  a few minutes ago.

He confirmed that Quinton McKenzie, the deceased, died from a drug overdose and the remains were released to family.

I had previously called EPD and inquired about this case. I just followed up again to see if any criminal charges will be filed.

Waiting to hear back from EPD.

Captain StevecWatson confirmed the arrest for Blair. EPD's only involvement was responding to a call regarding a man causing a disturbance in the alley. McKenzie was a medical call.

Jul 5, 2016

Scanner leads and press releases can be done by anyone; Quinton's death has affected the community, me and his loved ones and we deserve answers

Scanner follow up and press releases can be done by anyone.

Covering stories that affect the community actually involve knowing people, being out there and caring for those stories that are not headlines.

KutThroat Barber Lounge was a former advertiser. I still pursued this story. No one else has so far and it has been 6 days since the actual incident. It was still breaking news on Saturday and I immediately wrote about it as soon as I found out. I would have on Thursday or Friday but I was in court all day, both days. I wrote about it because it has affected my friends, me, my neighborhood.

Quinton is someone I knew and saw regularly in Old Town. He is important to many people, including me. His tragic death is important, whether drugs were found or not, because it is the loss of a life, a person loved by many and shows the havoc drugs have daily on this community.

It baffles me that there is no report to be located when a dead body is found in a local business in daylight and the death could be due to an alleged drug overdose.

Community members and neighboring businesses are still concerned why there was no report. I have still not heard back from the Coroner to confirm whether this was a death due to drug overdose.

There is a memorial this Sunday to honor him..

I was told that Quinton's partner, CeCi put these up outside KutThroat. It is still closed. There has been tension for a few months about "activity" around the business and people do not want this business reopened.

Rest in peace Quinton.

What actually happened was told to me over the last few days by a couple of anonymous sources. There are many versions of what happened on the scene before the medical personnel and police arrived and after.

Summary according to one bystander:

On Thursday, June 30, around 3:30, Quinton's partner CeCi showed up at KutThroat Barber Lounge, which is located in Opera Alley in Eureka. Quinton had not been at work for two hours and she was concerned. He often took his breaks and it was common knowledge where he went on those breaks.

Observers say a woman saw two men passed out on the floor in KutThroat Barber Lounge, the door was locked, she was screaming and crying. Nearby business and residents assisted. Eventually, Robert Blair, owner of KutThroat woke up and opened the door to the business. He "staggered out", another business owner tried to help him. The police arrived, locked the door where his dog was and cuffed him.

An effort by a citizen was made to give Quinton CPR. It was determined he was already dead. Broken rosary beads were on the floor, said another spectator, allegedly used to shoot up drugs.

The ambulance came and took Quinton away.

Update: I spoke with EPD Captain Steve Watson today and he did a quick search. There is no report associated with incident which could confirm if any drugs wete found at the location. Captain Watson said they are not allowed to release any medical information which is private. I do have unofficial, off the record information that Quinton died as a result of OD.

Jul 2, 2016

KutThroat Barber Lounge owner arrested for drunk in public, other allegations including drug overdose as reason for closure

KutThroat Barber Lounge owner Robert Blair was arrested for being drunk in public on Thursday.

There was a message on Blair's facebook page of a friend passing away and it is the same person mentioned by others passing away at the business. This was someone who lived and worked in Old Town. Very sad.

I have been unable to reach him since Thursday and have not heard back from him. He did call at 2:04 today, after this post, but did not leave a message.

I am in the process of verifying with EPD and the Coroner's office if this death was indeed due to a drug overdose in the business bathroom and if any drugs were discovered in the backroom of the business. The drug activity seems to be hearsay.

EPD Captain Brian Stephens is the only one around this weekend, while he had no knowledge of either, I will be checking with Captain Steve Watson and EPD officers covering that area and the Coroner on Tuesday, if I have not heard from them .

It is a weekend and a holiday weekend so reaching someone is challenging.

Some information is from neighboring businesses and people in the neighborhood, who prefer to remain anonymous, who saw sirens and an ambulance.

The business  has been closed since Thursday. Chances are that it will not re-open at the location.

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