Aug 27, 2016

Rape, domestic violence, human trafficking of a minor, assault, gang participation are "non violent felonies?"

Prop 57 or the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act, another misleading name like Prop 47 considers the following "non violent felonies".

From the Association of Deputy District Attorneys:

Facts About Proposition 57
“The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act”
Association of Deputy District Attorneys
There are three main PSRA provisions – two relating to adults and one to juveniles:
 Adults:
1. Parole Eligibility Changes
2. Credit Awards Changes
 Juveniles
3. Direct Filing Eliminated
Direct Results:
 Offenders who commit multiple crimes against multiple victims will be eligible for
release at the same time as offenders who only committed a single crime against a
single victim.
 Repeat offenders will be eligible for release after the same period of incarceration as
first time offenders.
 Offenders whose sentence was enhanced for especially egregious conduct will be
eligible for release at the same time as those who did not engage in the egregious
 CDCR will have unlimited authority to award credits to all inmates, in excess of the
current 15%, 20% and 50% conduct credit limitations.
 Juvenile offenders who commit violent crimes like murder, rape and carjacking
cannot be filed on as adults. They must be filed on in juvenile court

We have all seen the revolving door of repeat offenders in Humboldt; Prop 47's effect by reclassifying certain crimes as misdemeanors. This is what Governor Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris want to unleash on citizens. The outcry so far has come from Deputy DAs, Sheriff's, law enforcement and Republican groups.

Who has been silent? Women's groups and Democrats.


  1. Outrageous... Is this for real?

  2. Yes, google and read for yourself.

  3. Breitbart is your source? Definitely not a reputable info source

    1. Kathryn, take off your biased partisan glasses and read before you comment. Breitbart is one link. The Association of Deputy District Attorneys, the image describing what is considered non violent felonies are only two sources. There are several others. As a woman, you should be ashamed that you chose to attack in a partisan way, a perfectly valid post with several credible sources including Breitbart without bothering to read, research or verify before commenting.

      Whether you like it or not, Fox, Breitbart and any other outlet that does not meet your petsonal standards, is still credible.

  4. I did read the first couple pages of the Proposition.
    I didn't read far, just into the beginning of how those under 18 must be treated (by juvenile courts).
    Perhaps there are those who do deserve consideration if their lives have been positive, contributing and have shown respect for the laws in the past.
    Read the entire text. But don't just glance over it. Read the sections that would be removed (a line drawn through them).
    My objection on a factual basis to this proposition is that it says nothing about the current state of the juvenile justice system: its failures to rehabilitate, train or educate; the very high costs and poor management and staffing problems; the long history of abuse of incarcerated juveniles; the lack of counselors both during the time before sentencing and while serving a sentence as well as access to competent medical and psychological care. It is often to protect the more vulnerable juvenile offenders that the more dangerous are handled as adults.
    A previous study called for shifting ALL the juvenile offenders to the county systems. So what goes wrong in Humboldt would stay in Humboldt. I'll have to do more research to see what the bill would do.
    It's very easy to write it with all sorts of happy make-better promises but who will pay for what and what proof is there that things can be accomplished (improved!) as they claim?
    Writing a proposed bill takes a lot of talent. It is almost like the Emperor's New Clothes. It will solve problems! It will save money! It will save children! It will be the right thing! It will make us feel good about ourselves!

    I don't get my news from Fox or Breibart or such. If I read about an issue, I do the research. Facts, not feeling. Documented proof. Then I decide. Or I look at who supports it and why. Experience has shown me most people often don't even read the summary in their ballot. And that is depressing.

  5. Gabriele, I know you will do your research, so should everyone else but research has been done by those who deal with this daily. If I posted a long, detailed post, no one would read it. It has been documented on more than one source, diverse source, the negative effect this will have. If someone has been productive, changed their lives around, they already have that opportunity in a statement of mitigation and discretion by the Judge. Juveniles have committed horrific crimes. I see this as another failure by the legislators to properly budget and then cut expenses at the cost of the public.

  6. Wonder how much funding will be aimed towards the Rehabilitation? If it is like "Rehabilitation Programs" probably only pennies to what is needed and it will fail.

    Good Post, John!

    1. Thank you. I am all for a chance and funding people for rehab that are serious. Based on the majority of repeat offenders locally, those that want to change already have resources such as Adult Drug Court and other programs.

  7. For those that wince about links:

    Gov Browns glowing personal endorsement, et al

    Legal mumbo jumbo text of the bill (PDF)

    Yes and No committee contributions to it:

    1. Thanks for the links but the most comprehensive and objective analysis is on ballotpedia. You have provided some selective links, mostly government and one from Jerry Brown, who hoodwinked the public on Prop 47. None of your links dispute what violent crimes will be affected. The image above in the post is supported by objective analyses.

      I dont normally publish links in a comment but I appreciate your effort. We could print pro and con links all day. Bottom line is people need to research this in detail, ask questions and not from parole or probation or the Governor's office that are not unbiased in this case.

    2. I suppose that should have been worded as a reply to Kathryn above, who questioned what defines "credible" links. Those links took about too minutes of time to find and I randomly chose 4 that at least pointed to the text. Gov Brown's link actually appeared as a "sponsored" link, so somebody is paying for higher search engine placement. They weren't intended to dispute anything, rather show that if places such as Breitbart link to them or refer to the text, then there is no reason to dismiss them as fallacious, no matter what the reader's bias is.

  8. Thanks for clarifying anonymous. My response above is to any and all who think like Kathryn.

    They are oblivious to the effects laws like Prop 47 and 57 will have in the criminal justice system. As you can tell, I feel strongly about this ridiculous proposition.

  9. Is this on the ballot? if it is I will be voting No. I think a criminal should be made to pay for each crime consecutively. not concurrent, plus they should not get paroled. If you can't stand the time, do not do the crime.