Aug 29, 2016

Surfside Burger Shack owner Chad Smith busted for DUI?

Chad Allen Smith arrested for DUI by Fortuna Police Department on August 28.

A Chad Allan Smith is the owner of Surfside Burger Shack.

Typos are made in reports and records all the time.

While the middle names are similar,  Chad Allen Smith is 35 years old; Chad Alan Smith is 42.

Checked court records further.

Both have court records for exceeding speed limit. Chad Allan Smith has four traffic cases; one dismissal for traffic school, three listed as convictions, disposed before hearing; charges include exceeding speed limit, and mandatory use of seatbelts required). Cases from 2008 to 2015.

Chad Allen Smith only has one other traffic infraction.

So far, no confirmation on Surfside Burger Shack connection.

Fortuna Police Department confirmed the arrest and time.

Other verification  including booking photo in progress.

Problem with people with several court cases is that fines are not a detetrent, behavior continues, and often escalates.

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