Aug 24, 2016

Second alleged victim in McMullens motel sorta defends Maxx Robison, says there were 4 men involved; does law enforcement have the right guy?

I was contacted by the second alleged victim in the Maxx Robison case, Elisha Mansell.

He was with Rhianna McKenzie in the car at the time of the alleged shooting.

I have talked with Elisha, I have verified his contact information. I have a voicemail message from him.

In that message, Elisha told me he tried to leave a comment on my last post in this case.. He gave me permission to use his photo and what he said in the voicemail message.

Any information in this post is what has been told to me by Elisha. I think it deserves further investigation because if more people are involved, then public safety is at risk with only one person in custody.

Elisha said "there were four men waiting for them...Maxx was one of them...he called Maxx a pawn in this whole thing...said that he has never spoken to Maxx to get his side of the story."

I asked him why he was willing to risk coming forward and to use his name. Elisha said, "so justice would be served." He has spoken with EPD; he spoke with the DA's office two days ago and gave a statement to an investigator.

One of the reasons I want to tell his side of the story is because in many cases in Humboldt, things are complicated, witnesses coming forward take a risk. Sometimes other factors like drugs are involved and the credibility of a witness is impacted by people's prejudice of people whose lives they cannot relate to.

Due to evidence hearings, public or the jury never gets the whole story. In this case sale and purchase of drugs is being alleged as a factor leading to the shooting.

With the preliminary hearing being vacated and a disposition reset hearing set for October 12, who knows when and if this case will even go to trial? Maybe some scrutiny on the investigation in this case is a good thing.

John Ellis is Rhianna McKenzie's ex boyfriend.

"Me and my girlfriend were both on the restraining order, asked the police multiple times to do something to john for violating the restraining order. Here you can see he was threatening me from her dads email," Elisha told me.