Aug 31, 2016

Bail bond exonerated for George Daniels, still on the lam; most recent case was for alleged possession of 800 lbs of marijuana; previously arrested for alleged police car theft

A warrant surrender was scheduled today in Courtroom 5 for George Preston Daniels' latest case from 2016.

Here is what glimpse of the cases in the court computer that Daniels has; he is on the lam and efforts to locate him, despite a reward have been unsuccessful.

This is a copy of the minutes today where his bail bond was exonerated.

May 1, 2016

On the lam again, man arrested in hit and run for allegedly robbing 800 lbs of marijuana, escaped from jail in 2003, stole a police car and a gun

George Preston Daniels, most recently arrested in 2015, for 800 lbs of marijuana is on the lam, again. A bench warrant was issued late March 2016 for Daniels. This was from a 2016 case in which there is a petition to revoke his post release supervision.

His bail bond company, Bill Davidson bonds, also alerted the Humboldt County Sheriff's office and they are looking for Daniels.

Bill Davidson Bonds only bailed Daniels out for this recent case. I confirmed that with manager, Steve Payton.

In November 2015, Daniels was arrested,following an investigation of a hit and run and was arrested for allegedly robbing 800 pounds of freshly harvested marijuana.

In the 2015 case, Daniels is charged with Count 1, transportation of marijuana with a special allegation that he had a AR-15 "in the commission and attempted commission of the crime."

Count 2, possession of marijuana, same special allegation.

Count 3 and Count 4, possession by a felon with a prior.

Article about 2015 arrest on North Coast News:

He plead out on two previous cases, before the 2015 arrest.

Nov 2, 2015

300 or 800 pounds of freshly harvested marijuana? One thing for sure suspect arrested won't get it

On Thursday, October 29, 2015 at about 6:00 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a large pile of marijuana located over an embankment on Hwy 36, McClellan Mountain. The California Highway Patrol were on scene to investigate a hit and run incident and during the course of their investigation CHP Officers noticed the marijuana.
Deputies arrived on scene and initially locate about 300 lbs. of freshly harvested marijuana. As deputies were leaving the scene they noticed a tow truck pulling a tan Chevrolet truck from over the embankment near their location. The vehicle had fresh body damage and marijuana in the bed of the truck similar to the marijuana located on the embankment. Arrestee George Preston Daniels, age 50, was spotted in the brush by officers. Deputies knew that Daniels was on parole from prior contacts. Deputies also located a loaded sawed off rifle and vehicle keys. CHP responded and arrested Daniels. The total amount of marijuana located in the truck and on the embankment is roughly 800 lbs.
Daniels was arrested by CHP and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional facility. Please see CHP’s press release for more details.
Deputies suspect Daniels possibly just committed a marijuana robbery. If you are a victim of a marijuana robbery or home invasion, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

In 2003, Times-Standard did a an article, they misspelled James Faulk's last name. That article is referred to on this site:

Jail Escapee, Alleged Police Car Thief Arrested
By: James Fault
The Times-Standard....Found on 2/09/03

Eureka, California - The man who baffled the Humboldt County Sheriff's
Department for the past month by escaping from jail on September 8,
then stealing a police car Friday, is again in custody.

The gun he allegedly stole from the police car has not been recovered.
The Eureka Police Department announced that it found and arrested George
Preston Daniels, 37 at 9:30 a.m. Monday when officers were attempting to
interview people at an Albee Street home he was known to frequent.

Daniels forced open a door and escaped from the Humboldt County Jail in
September. At the time, deputies found an exterior door had been forced
open. The jail was placed in lockdown and an inmate count revealed
Daniels was missing. He had been in custody for numerous felony charges
including possession of a controlled substance, use of tear gas and
illegal possession of ammunition. Daniels was working in the jail
kitchen when he escaped.

On Friday, Daniels was spotted by a sheriff's deputy. The deputy
attempted to arrest Daniels, but he broke free and escaped into a
residential neighborhood. Daniels then apparently doubled back to
the deputy's patrol car, found the keys and used the vehicle to escape.

The area was subsequently searched by the Sheriff's Department, the
California Highway Patrol, U.S. Marshals and others in the Bald Hills
area, to no avail.

The car was discovered the next day near Wrigley Road, with a gun
missing. The type of gun has not been specified, but a local television
station reported it was an assault rifle.

The Sheriff's Department is withholding the name of the deputy who
managed to lose both his patrol car and a gun to Daniels.

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