Aug 22, 2016

Jaison Chand receives excellence award from California Ambulance Association for his work on State EMS Commission

On August 18, at Harrah's in Lake Tahoe, City Cab's Jaison Chand was acknowledged by the California Ambulance Association with the Chairman's Excellence Award for his work on the State EMS Commission.

Just spoke with Mr. Chand.

"It was an unexpected honor," he said." We've been working really hard on legislation over the last couple years to improve EMS throughout the state. A lot of my focus in Sacramento has been on rural EMS. We've been successful in some legislation, and we are still working hard on AB1300, an assembly bill that would aid our local Mental Health Department immensely. We lost some of the language we needed for rural areas, but we are working to get it back in for the next legislative session".

"This is a part of my work both for the California Ambulance  Association and the State EMS Commission. I am one of the 15 commission members. We meet throughout the year and throughout the state."

The award didn't come from the Commission but was given to Mr. Chand "for a lot of the work I'm doing with the commission and legislation."

Mr. Chand was apointed to the state EMS commission by the speaker of the assembly, Tony Atkins .

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