Aug 18, 2016

Ramone's at the airport open for coffee, food, beer and wine

Humboldt County Airport Manager Emily Jacobs said, "Ramone's Bakery & Cafe is a great addition to the airport.  It's good for passengers and the community.  Berit and Brian have made a beautiful spot.  You don't have to be flying to enjoy the newest Ramone's location, it's a great spot to enjoy a meal and parking is free.  Special thank you to Supervisor Bass for helping to move this project forward."

Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass checked out the new Ramone's at the airport. The official ribbon cutting is on August 25.

 "My 1st cup of coffee at the new Ramones at the California Redwood Coast- Humboldt County Airport‼️Yay‼️ They open at 5 AM for all of you earlybird flyers and they also have food to go.... And don't forget they have beer and wine 🍷🍺"

Mar 23, 2016

Ramone's at the airport thanks to Supervisor Virginia Bass

I spoke with Supervisor Virginia Bass. She has been working on this since Fall 2015. She said the gift shop had been empty for over a year. The County tried to get potential businesses who would be interested in the gift shop concept. One day as she was at San Francisco airport, she thought a grab and go food place would be a good idea for Humboldt. She has been a Ramone's customer for a long time. "Ramone's has an excellent reputation of providing food and service" in addition to coffee, "and since they have a location in McKinleyville, this would be something viable for them/ Supervisor Bass preferred if the business running the gift shop was local.

She approached Ramone's owner and initially he was not sure and needed to think about the logistics. She kept being persistent and in January 2016, Ramone's said they had been thinking about this possibility and wanted to go ahead with it. They thanked Supervisor Bass for her persistency and follow-up.

Both Gregg Foster and Emily Jacobs confirmed Ramone's will be where the old gift shop was located.

The space where the Silver Lining was located is available. Renovations would need to be made. Contact Ms. Jacobs at the airport for more information.

Press Release:

Today Supervisor Virginia Bass and Ramone's Bakery and Café co-owner Brian Ferguson announced that Ramone's Bakery and Café will be opening is newest location at the California Redwood Coast - Humboldt County Airport.   The new Ramone's will be located at the site of the former gift shop on the terminal's ground floor.  Construction will start soon.
"We want to thank Supervisor Bass for reaching out to us and presenting this great opportunity.  Her vision and tenacity will result in a great relationship that will benefit the airport, its customers, and Ramone's.  We look forward to our grand opening," said Ferguson.
Supervisor Bass adds, "I thought that Ramone's would be a great addition to our airport.  I know that the new location will be greatly appreciated by the airport's customers and the community at large.  I want to thank Ramone's for being open to the idea and for supporting us in our quest to revitalize this important community asset."
Emily Jacobs, program coordinator for the Humboldt County Aviation Division states, "We work hard to improve the service we provide to the flying public.  We want to continue to build on our goal of more flights to more destinations.  At the same time, we want to make the customer experience at our airport as comfortable and convenient as possible.  Having Ramone's here will definitely add to that."
The Ramone's announcement is further good news for the California Redwood Coast - Humboldt County Airport.  Last month PenAir announced that it will start new service at the airport on April 21.  They will be providing two daily departures to Portland, Oregon and one to Redding, California.  PenAir's partnership with Alaska Airlines will mean that local passengers will again be able to book flights from the California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport via Alaska.    In addition, United Express continues to add to its service to San Francisco.  The addition of larger United Express jets and the new PenAir service has resulted in a 78% increase in available seats for the summer months.

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