Aug 23, 2016

Two men arrested for alleged carjacking, parole violations and conspiracy after notification from Round Valley Housing Security Personnel

Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to a reported carjacking that occurred at an unknown location on Henderson Road in Covelo, California.

The Sheriff's Office dispatch center was notified of the incident by Round Valley Tribal Housing Security personnel, who were contacted by the victims after their vehicle was stolen by force or fear by two unknown suspects. Housing security informed dispatch that the stolen vehicle was a described as a silver Chevrolet Silverado 2 door single cab pickup.

Sheriff's Deputies responded to the area of Henderson Road and when checking the area they observed a vehicle that matched the description of the stolen truck. Sheriff's Deputies observed the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on Crawford Road. The silver Chevrolet Silverado turned eastbound onto Henderson Road and lost traction due to the high speeds.

Sheriff's Deputies attempted to catch the suspected stolen vehicle and followed it into a driveway at Lot 5 on Henderson Road.

Sheriff's Deputies observed two subjects exiting the pickup, who they were able to identify from prior contacts as being John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen.

Sheriff's Deputies demanded the subjects stop and they did not comply. The subjects left the vehicle in the driveway and fled into a nearby house.

Sheriff's Deputies cleared the residence and nearby fields in an attempt to locate the subjects with negative results. Officers from the California Highway Patrol and additional resources from the Sheriff's Office responded to assist.

During the investigation, Sheriff's Deputies made contact with the victims who were able to identify the pickup that was being driven by John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen as stolen. The victims provided descriptions of the subjects who stole the pickup earlier by force or fear, which matched the description of John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen.

Sheriff's Deputies were aware that John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen were both on CDC Parole from Mendocino County and searched the area for the subjects. After continued searching, John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen were located and arrested in the 23800 block of Howard Street  in Covelo, California.

The victims were able to respond to the scene and identified John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen as the subjects who stole the vehicle from them earlier in the night on Henderson Road.

Based on the facts learned during this investigation, Sheriff's Deputies learned that John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen took the vehicle from the immediate possession of the two victims and accomplished the act by using force and fear (threatening statements).

John Hoaglen and Iran Hoaglen were arrested for 215 PC [Carjacking], 3056 PC [Parole Violations], and 182 PC [Conspiracy]. They were both subsequently booked into the Mendocino County Jail to be held on a no-bail status.

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