Aug 31, 2016

Fish and Game makes one of Jimmy Smith's wishes come true; razor clam regulations amended and Clam Beach gets a new name

Former Supervisor Jimmy Smith still watching out for Humboldt County from heaven.

"Jimmy had started this project before he left office," Supervisor Sundberg told me. "The creek that has been used as a boundary had meandered in such a way that north and south were not split evenly."

Supervisor Sundberg took the project on and was very happy to see this wish on Jimmy Smith's list come closer to fruition.

Listed below is an excerpt from an email from  to Fifth District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg:

Today the Fish and Game Commission authorized publication of their notice of intent to amend sport fishing regulations for razor clams at Clam Beach (scanned and attached). They will change the boundary from “Strawberry Creek“ to a boundary marker and accompanying latitude reading at the county parking lot at the former creek mouth. They will maintain the north/south every other year seasons. They are also making a minor name change (Little River Beach to Clam Beach). In short, it will be like it was before the creek migrated south.

A discussion hearing will be held October 20 (in Eureka at the Red Lion) with adoption hearing on December 8 (in San Diego) and an effective implementation date of March 1, 2017.


  1. Another pointless name change. It will be "Clam Beach" for us old folks just like the airport will never be called whatever the heck the name is.

  2. How can they change the little river beach name when it's a state park name?

    1. The Fish and Game Commission is a state organization and one of the people working on this is a State Senator Mike McGuire.