Aug 25, 2016

I took Austin Allison's sister's offer up to share her facebook post about contributions from out of the area

So Austin Allison needs contributions from out of the area?

Linda Atkins, North Coast People's alliance and all those "local" backers could not garner enough support locally?

Just like Austin Allison changed his facebook to state living in Eureka, after that was pointed in comments; let's see how fast this profile gets switched to private. Text included below.

Sally Allison DeLeon, who lives in Colorado, shared this on her facebook:


This is my brother, Austin Allison. He is running for Eureka City Council! He's been involved in organizing a union at the hospital he's worked for the past 6 years fighting for fair wages and safer nurse/patient ratios. He is the ideal advocate for the working families of his community, giving a voice to those who normally don't have one. PLEASE spread the word to anyone you know in the Eureka, CA area to get out and VOTE! ✅

Austin Allison for Eureka City Council!! πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

If you don't live in the area but would still like to support his campaign, you can send all contributions to:
"Austin for City Council"
1602 Hodgson Street
Eureka, CA 95503

And who recruited Austin Allison?

According to this facebook post, Allen McCloskey and the same people backing Allen McCloskey. I don't see comments on social media complaining about this last minute filing.

Text of that post which was from August 17:

URGENT - Our only progressive candidate for Eureka City Council has to back out due to health concerns. Allen has recruited a replacement candidate, Austin Allison. We need signatures from registered Eureka voters between now and 5:00 TODAY to get him on the ballot - please go to the lobby at city hall if you can sign, and/or help spread the word! - Tamara

By the way, Austin, you have no telephone number to contact you. That business card I gave you for that written statement never got emailed. Do your "supporters" tell you to only talk to select media sources they approve of?


  1. Complete scam of a campaigned by a short term resident. This is the type of progressive who kisses your baby and then steals her lollipop. This is the same type of candidate who stole this Counties logging industry. This is the type of candidate who wants to remove your car from your driveway predominately and Riley on public transportation. The people of this Country don't need a new regressive party. How much are outsiders paying this person to run??? Interesting if we could find out the truth with complete transparency. Now wouldn't transparency be refreshing? It will never happen in Humboldt with a progressive candidate. Never!

  2. I thought campaigning on city property was illegal

  3. You do realize that his sister is military right? So of course she is out of the area...

    1. So his sister being out of the area and in the military makes it okay for her to actively solicit donations for him for a Eureka City Council race? This is a local election, Austin is supported by so called people who claim to be for locals, for the working people. If this had been John Fullerton or a candidate certain liberals and so called activists do not like, this would be all over LOCO and NCJ and anonymous blogs screaming "outside influence."

      He stepped in last minute, he has no connection to the local community other than working on the St. Joseph issue and if locals cannot support him, then he has no business running for a local election. He can move and run in Colorado. The hypocrisy of the left is astounding.

  4. Big politics is even in small cities like Eureka. Power playing and stacking the quorum + one is great for control on the council. Having 5 women was loony enough, so now incumbent council searches for a newbie to be the echo on every vote. Personally there should be a minimum 1 year residency before running for any elected position. Unfortunately, no city in Humboldt has that requirement on the books. Oh well, the snakes in the grass are at their evil doings so Good luck voters!