Aug 22, 2016

Eyewitness on 7th and I tells EPD officer what she witnessed and which car hit the other "full on"

Eyewitness Cate Halliday claims grey car on 7th and I hit the driver, first name Brenda, of the black car "full on".

The black car, a Mercedes, was almost out of the intersection when the alleged collision occurred, said Halliday.

Halliday also said that a woman standing the dentist's office almost missed being hit.

EPD Officer Nantz who is on scene is talking to her. EPD cannot comment on the investigation yet.

Officer Nantz asked Brenda if she had a way home. Both cars towed about 5 minutes ago.

North Coast News and KIEM still on scene. Lost Coast Outpost was not there when I arrived.

EPD's Captain Watson was able to give this preliminary information:

"Based on preliminary reports as a two vehicle traffic collision, non-injury, at 7th and I Streets, with one vehicle into a building. Occurred around 11:32 am.  Possible a silver Toyota SUV vs. a blue sedan (possibly a Mercedes).  One vehicle was partially blocking the roadway.  We have requested rotational tows for two vehicle with moderate damage."

The last photo shows Brenda talking to Officer Nantz.

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