Aug 17, 2016

Public access computers back online; Probation order for Littlefield filed yesterday

Sometimes it takes a blog post to get things moving.

I will have an update on Rick Littlefield later.


  1. I wonder how long it would have taken had you not made it a public issue...

    1. Thanks gabriele. It probably would not have been noticed, at all, since no one else is covering the case.

  2. Thank you John Chiv, for your ability to keep the public informed and up to date on the events that are currently happening in our community. Although it appears that there has been an increase in crime, and situations of extreme sadness surrounding us here in Humboldt County, I'm grateful you keep us up to date with each and every one. Thank you for also posting any new information on the Kiya Kitchen and Faith Tsarnas Hit and Run tragedy. When a community is in mourning, and on edge with anticipation and anger, I truly believe that reading your blog releases some of that tension and anger because of the amount of detail you divulge to the public. Thank you again.