Aug 23, 2016

Yurok Tribe sending ferry to rescue people affected by Tulley Fire; young males in white truck suspected of setting fires

I just heard from a tribal member regarding the Tulley Fire.

"Right now, all I know is that individuals have set these fires. Young males in a white truck were seen setting them. No names have been released yet. At least one house has burned down and one standing structure. My mom and dad just learned that a mandatory evacuation is now in place for McKinnon Hill residents because the fire jumped Kepel Creek and is quickly burning further down the river. They are refusing to leave until they absolutely have to. I know that the Neighborhood Facilities building in Hoopa has been set up as an emergency shelter and Red Cross station. I was just informed that the Yurok Tribe is making plans to send a ferry up the river to rescue people since the road is closed. I have heard that Notchko River Bar is where people are meeting if they need an immediate rescue- as there is a jet boat there on stand-by."

Update: CALFire investigators determine arson as cause.

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