Aug 25, 2016

"He been committed to this for a while; he didn't jump in at the last minute"

John Fullerton officially kicked off his campaign for Eureka City Council Ward Four today at 12.15pm at the F street Boardwalk, near Bayfront.

Eureka Mayor Frank Jager and First District Supervisor Rex Bohn introduced Fullerton. Both talked about having someone experience at the job. Mayor Jager said, "this is not a rookie." The title of the post is a quote from Supervisor Bohn.

"God knows we need an accountant," quipped Mayor Jager.

Matthew Owen, Jeff Lamoree, John Ford, Mike Newman, Marian Brady, Jaison Chand, Uri Driscoll, Charles Ellsworth, former City Councilmember Jim Howard, Rich Mes, Minnie Wolf and members of his his staff and about 30 people gathered.

Mr. Fullerton spoke about why he was running for Eureka City Council and said, "So what should you look for when voting for a Council member? It is leadership, experience and a record of community service. Those are the qualities Eureka needs in its City Council members to fight the problems we face today."


  1. John has had the City of Eureka and its well being on his things to do list for over 30 years. He loves Eureka and will provide leadership for any problem brought to his attention. He will be a strong dedicated councilman. Vote for John Fullerton for Eureka City Council.

  2. Thank you John for stepping up. You will be a huge asset not just to the city but to the county as well.