Aug 17, 2016

Allen McCloskey's lists of endorsers includes Bill Pierson, Richard Salzman, Linda Atkins and Chris Kerrigan

(From twitter)

Was it just "health issues" as stated in his LOCO "exclusive"? that he dropped out of the race this afternoon?

A glance at the 20 signatures in the papers filed by Allen McCloskey filed with Eureka City Council, the names don't jump out, seems like ordinary citizens.

His list of endorsers are more revealing. These are just some of the names:

Bill Pierson
Mike Wilson, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors
(Mike Wilson is not currently a Supervisor)
Humboldt Democrats
North Coast People's Alliance
Northern Humboldt 4 Bernie
Chris Kerrigan
Linda Atkins
Richard Salzman
St. Joseph Union Workers
Labor Council
Sylvia Scott

Also, for a progressive gay man, shouldn't he be using the term Councilmember instead of Councilman?

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