Aug 24, 2016

Over 400 surveys received for Cooper Gulch Common Ground first phase input; on to Phase 2

Aaron Ostrom is thrilled with the response to the first request for input.

"We've received over 400 surveys! Thank you! Now we are on to Phase 2, Social Pin Point. Check this out. We would love your direct input here as well. This will have a direct connection, as well as the surveys, as to what we will focus on in the Master

From Cooper Gulch Common Ground:

Phase 2: What if you could look at the park on a map and make suggestions for new or current trails, gateways into the park, pin point activity centers, restoration projects, safety, and more? Guess what, you can! We've created an interactive map, where you can create social pin points! We are looking for community feedback as to what you would like to see in the developed & undeveloped areas of the park.

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