Aug 27, 2016

50k bail for Polish national, 28 year old woman arrested for alleged child abuse; child died, bail expected to go up

A 28yr old woman arrested for  alleged felony child abuse PC 273a (a)  in Arcata. Bail is 50k.

There will  be a bail enhancement  because the child died.

Child was born 7/6/2016.

Alleged suspect's name is Ewa Misztal. She is a Polish national, and not a US citizen, according to my source. She is in custody, and has not yet posted bail.

Update: (August 28) Bail was enhanced to half a million.

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  1. Gotta love good ole Arcata's "sanctuary city" status. They suck in the deviants of the world. Why not set up a "socialist" bench on the plaza to tell them how to escape capture and all the goodies Arcata can give them to stay. Birds of a feather flock together-including illegals!