Aug 18, 2016

Stand off in Mckinleyville over, suspect deceased, name revealed on facebook

No official release but Operation Safe Streets reported fire units on the way.

After almost 18 hours, the standoff is over.

Kudos to North Coast News , KIEM, Kym Kemp and Mad River Union, all who had reporters on scene for the entire standoff.

A press conference is scheduled for 9 a.m in Eureka.

North Coast News was on scene.

KIEM had this live video which features HCSO Captain Kym Thompson.

Kym Kemp had a reporter on scene and with scanner traffic describes the progression. According to her post, standoff ended at 3:10 a.m. with suspect detained.

Excerpt from Kym's site:

"UPDATE 3:10 a.m.: Law enforcement tells reporters that the suspect is deceased. The officer states that while a woman was being escorted from the residence the suspect opened fire at the officers out the window. “We returned fire,” the officer said.
The suspect lit some things on fire at that time, the officer explained. Firefighters fought it from the rear. The suspect began shooting at officers. They returned fire, the spokesperson stated. The man was detained, medical was called and the man was pronounced deceased.
Sutter Road is still closed and will be for some time as evidence is processed."

According to Mad River Union, the woman who exited the residence was "Carol", the suspect's significant other. Sheriff Mike Downey is holding a press conference at 9 a.m.

According to a facebook post by a relative, she identified the man as David Fulton. Social media is how some of the family found out about this loss.

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