Aug 21, 2016

State Fish and Wildlife Officer shot at on Hwy 36; 2 suspects flee scene, firearm recovered

According to Operation Safe Streets this morning, "State Fish and Wildlife officer has been shot at on Highway 36.  Suspect vehicle crashed off roadway.  Breaking now.

Location on 36 is Redwood House.  Stay clear of the area.   Sheriff's on scene no officers injured at this point.   Unknown if suspect(s) injured or fled.

☆ Update ☆ 2 subjects have fled from vehicle and a firearm has been recovered.  CHP and Sheriff's on scene with the initial officer."

Scanner traffic indicates on LOCO has these times and details:

1:53 a.m.
Scanner traffic indicates officers have already made contact with the registered owner of the truck, for which CHP just requested impound towing.
1:40 a.m.
Weapon found in the suspect's truck is a Ruger semiautomatic rifle, check of its serial number comes back as not reported stolen. The truck was previously registered to a party in Garberville, but had a release of liability (beginning of ownership change process) to a person with a Fortuna address. The ownership situation will be followed-up on.
1:22 a.m.
CHP is canceling fire and Medical units since the suspects have foot-bailed
1:20 a.m.
Approx location of crash & foot-bail is in the switchbacks just above the pin at the intersection of Hwy 36 & Redwood House Rd.
1:12 a.m.
CHP now at scene, two suspects are outstanding, a firearm has been recovered
1:10 a.m.
DFW 2142 advises one HCSO unit is on scene, awaiting additional units
1:06 a.m.
HCSO unit out, "approx 1/4 mile up Redwood House Rd"
1:05 a.m.
DFW ofcr states suspects are outstanding, requesting a K9 unit... Fortuna PD's K9 is enroute
1 a.m.
Vehicle has crashed into a tree
12:59 a.m.
Suspect vehicle TC's at the vehicle on Hwy 36 where it's crashed, officercr can hear people moving around
12:58 a.m.
Officer says he on Redwood House Rd just above Hwy 36 "Get someone here quick"
12:54 a.m.
12:53 a.m.
Now eastbound Hwy 36 away from 101, toward Bridgeville area,
12:48 a.m.
 still on Redwood House Rd, not to Hwy 36 yet
12:46 a.m.
Fish & Game officer, in pursuit, small truck with a roll bar, now possibly westbound Hwy 36 from Redwood House Rd
12:43 a.m.
State Park Ranger needs help, being shot at, on Redwood House Road headed toward Hwy 36

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