Aug 21, 2016

DOJ wants poor people who cannot afford bail to not be jailed; similar effort failed in California

The DOJ wants to change people being held in jail before sentencing, if they cannot afford bail.

This effort failed in California.

While it is true that people who can afford bail get to remain out of custody, just releasing every one who cannot afford bail will not have good consequences for public safety.

We have seen the consequences of Prop 47, plea deals and probation fail for repeat offenders. They cannot afford their own attorneys, in almost every case, now if they can avoid paying bail, what is their incentive to reform and follow the law?


  1. Now this is one of the most unacceptable things I have heard in a long time. One reason being is that, these (the "poor") people are the majority of the one's breaking the now we are going to tell them that they wont be jailed when they break the law? And then what.....they won't be fined for their injustices because their poor? OUTRAGES!!!!

  2. The only purpose of "bail" is to get the person to show up for his/her court date. It is not to punish or to reform. If the person doesn't show up, a bench warrant for arrest is issued and normal justice moves ahead. If "guilt" is determined, then comes punishment and probation.