Aug 23, 2016

McCullens motel shooting suspect Maxx Robison's public defender files motion to continue preliminary hearing

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Maxx Robison on August 30. His Public Defender has filed for a motion to continue that hearing which will be heard on August 24 at 2 p.m.

Jul 5, 2016

McCullens motel suspect to be arraigned this afternoon; two victims in complaint filed by DA, more details, charges include 4 felonies

This afternoon, McCullens Motel shooting suspect, Maxx Carson Robison, is scheduled to be arraigned at 1:29 p.m. in Courtroom 5.

He is charged with four felonies and there are two victims, One already identified Rhianna Skye McKenzie and the other one is Elisha Caleb Mansell.

Count 1 is Murder, victim is McKenzie. Two special allegations for Count 1: "personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; a semi-automatic rifle, which caused great bodily injury or death to" McKenzie and "above offense perpetrated by means of shooting a firearm from a motor vehicle with intent to inflict great bodily injury."

Count 2 is Attempted Murder, victim Mansell with special allegation "personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; a semi-automatic rifle, which caused great bodily injury or death to" Mansell.

Count 3 is Assault with semi-automatic firearm upon Mansell with special allegation ""personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; a semi-automatic rifle," which causes the offense to be a serious and violent felony.

Count 4 Shooting an occupied motor vehicle.

Jul 1, 2016

Rhianna McKenzie identified as victim in McCullens shooting

Following the notification of the next of kin, the victim of the June 30, 2016 homicide has been identified as Rhianna McKenzie, 19 of Eureka.

Jul 1, 2016

EPD releases photo of suspect in shooting near McCullens motel

EPD just confirmed Maxx Robison as the murder suspect in yesterday's homicide near McCullen's motel.

Jun 30, 2016

Female victim in McMullen motel homicide 19 years old, shot involved in death believed to be semi automatic rifle

Eureka Police Department held a press conference this afternoon at 4:30 regarding the homicide at the McCullens motel this morning.

Two firearms were seized by EPD. One shotgun,one semi automatic rifle, the latter believed to be the weapon used in the shooting.

7-10 gunshots fired. The female victim who died at the hospital "suffered a single gun shot wound to the torso."

While the police know that the shooting was a result of the dispute between two men, one who drove the female to the hospital, they do not know details of the dispute or the relationship between the male and female.

Name of victim being withheld until next of kin notified. Name of suspect will be released but not right now as ongoing investigation.

Captain Brian Stephens requested that even if media learns any information in social media to hold off until next morning so they can wrap up their interviews with witnesses.

EPD Press Release:

On June 30, 2016, at approximately 3:04 a.m., officers from the Eureka Police Department responded to reports of shots fired near the intersection of Iowa and McCullens.  

As the first officer arrived to investigate, he noticed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed with obvious gunshot damage to the body of the vehicle.  The officer attempted an enforcement stop on the vehicle, but the driver failed to yield.  Officers pursued the vehicle at speeds between 70 and 80 miles per hour.  The pursuit ended when the vehicle pulled into the St. Joseph Hospital parking lot.  

Officers learned there was a female gunshot victim in the vehicle.  The female was rushed into the emergency room where lifesaving efforts were initiated.  The male driver of the vehicle was detained and cooperated with officers.  The male stated that the incident occurred in the 1500 block of McCullens Avenue.  Officers responded to that vicinity and located the crime scene.  The scene was secured and detectives responded to take over the investigation.      

The female gunshot victim, 19 of Eureka, succumbed to her injuries.  Her identity is being withheld until the next of kin are notified.  

While investigating the homicide, an unrelated call for service was dispatched to EPD officers.  The suspect from the unrelated call was detained and taken into custody on unrelated charges.  As the homicide investigation progressed, detectives discovered enough probable cause to connect this male suspect with the homicide and he was subsequently arrested for murder.  The identity of the suspect will be released tomorrow.    
During the investigation into the homicide suspect, two firearms were located and seized.  One firearm was a shotgun and the other was a high powered semi-automatic rifle.  The rifle is believed to be the weapon used in the homicide.  

Anyone who may have witnessed any of the events that occurred early this morning are asked to contact Detective John Gordon at (707) 441-4300.


  1. Word on the street is they got the wrong guy

    1. Well, whoever is shooting their mouth off on the street can swear under oath, provide evidence, have that be proven in a court of law otherwise it's just idle talk. The person or persons can also go to law enforcement or Robison's attorney.

  2. I Let them know..Trying to point them in the right direction

  3. That's good. However, you take care of you and yours. Keep up the good work.

  4. Maxx was cheating on his girlfriend and got caught. He sells and uses drugs and his "poor me" bullshit cries for help are nothing more than an attempt to plan the murder in advance (or other "unrelated charges") and try to get off on "mental insanity" or "drug influence" at the time. He knows EXACTLY what he was doing. My guess is the girl was the target - not the dude - so his girlfriend who suspected him of cheating wouldn't find out about another girl. The cops should look into this... All of this is my educated guess and opinion but based on what I know about the piece of shit - there is no other way it makes sense in my mind. I hope he drops the soap in prison. No way he will get out on good behavior. Thank Jesus he is not walking among the good people of Eureka.

    1. In this country, thankfully people are not convicted on educated guesses, especially by anonymous people. Evidence, sworn testimony in a court of law, credibility of a witness are all factors in making a decision. Your guess got printed once to cladify this point, next time, don't expect your bs to be printed.