Aug 19, 2016

Facebook video shows law enforcement pleading with Fulton to come out, assuring he would not be harmed

I got a link with just the part towards the end of the situation.

Since this is probably not the only video and certainly not authenticated or complete, I have linked the other video which is public.

The video towards the end of the situaton is about 25 minutes long. It's late at night. You can see David Fulton's apartment. The video starts out with the PA system and a male voice saying, "Put your hands up, you wont be harmed."

Silence, then "Come out with your hands in the air, you will not be harmed."

No response.

"Don't be afraid, we are not going to harm you."

 Audio is hard to decipher at times, harder when the person taking the video talking during the recording.

Female voice saying, "I'm glad my daughter is sleeping." One of the facebook videos has the exact same comment.

"This guy is not coming out," this after hearing law enforcement plead with Fulton to come out, repeatedly, assuring him in a calm voice, he will not be harmed.

Except for lights in the apartment, the stairwell is dark.

These are the video links by Samantha Crutchfield who publicly posted it on facebook.

I think it is important to see what his neighbors went through.

Photo from Samantha Crutchfield's page:

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