Aug 31, 2016

Ewa Misztal to be arraigned today for alleged assault on a child causing death; will Judge keep bail at half a million?

Arraignment at 1:30 today for Misztal in Courtroom 4. The complaint states Jane Doe's birth as 7/6/2016.

Public Defender's office was appointed; Ms. Kelly Neel was in court today for arraignment. Misztal was crying as she spoke with Ms. Neel.

Count 1 Felony PC 273ab Assault on a child causing death. Deputy District Attorney Brie Bennett is prosecuting the case.

Bail was raised to one million. This is not a crime listed on the bail schedule; in this case, the bail is then set based on time of commitment.

If convicted, the sentence for this charge is 25 years to life.

Intervention is on September 6. Preliminary hearing is on September 14.

Ewa Misztal, a 28yr old woman, was arrested on August 27 for  alleged felony child abuse PC 273a (a)  in Arcata. The bail was 50k; it was enhanced to half a million because the child died..

She is still in custody. Four days in jail.

Today, I spoke with the Arcata Police Department to verify that Misztal had been told by police that the child died of a fractured skull and that she told law enforcement she had no idea how it happened.

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